We are passionate about helping provide the best apps and websites for purpose-driven organizations at discounted rates. With the power of no-code and our talented team, we can help your organization grow and live up to its full potential.

Why build a Website or App?

A good website is going to draw in more committed volunteers and give more outreach. The possibilities are endless for an organization with a website that clearly states its goals and vision for its cause.

An app can help a purpose-driven organization expand its services and reach more people.

What Can We Build For You?

We can create highly functional websites, web apps, and mobile apps with the power of no-code and low code platforms. This could serve a lot of purposes for your organization from an admin dashboard web app to a training and resources website for your volunteers.

Who Can Qualify?

Our discounted services are available for Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, and other Purpose-Driven organizations. Estel aims to give them a chance to maximize the use of technology especially since they can improve the lives of others with their good cause.

How Do We Work?

From Concept To Your MVP Launch Quickly
We want to get your concept off the ground as soon as possible. Compared to traditional development, no-code saves us time and resources because of its flexible and cost-efficient development cycle.
Highly-specialized Team
Our talented team here at Estel will design, develop, and test your app or website according to your needs. You will be leading the helm with the vision and we’ll take care of the 1s and 0s in creating your platform.
Your Growth Partner
When we take on a project, it’s because we believe in your mission and want to help you in it. You will be glad to have us as your sidekick, because we will do everything we can to support you through the use of on-code.

Why Hire Estel?


Everyone has their own role and specialty. Our combined experience over members and over time will take your product where you want it to be.


Let us worry about building your product so you can focus on what you do best - helping others! Make the most of your most valuable resources - your money and your time!


Whether you are a nonprofit or social enterprise, we can provide the boost you need to achieve your next goal or to get you to your next milestone.

My experience was great! Every single person part of these team was knowledgeable, professional, polite and very flexible through the length of this project”
Operations Director, One Call Only Inc.

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