Basics of No-Code Workflow Automation

Basics of No-Code Workflow Automation

February 8, 2023

The global; economy has been challenged for several years now with the pandemic, Russian invasion, and even recession. However, reports are showing that businesses are increasing investments in technology. Businesses have been reported to have directives to increase investments in infrastructure, build AI services on top of that infrastructure for a better employee and customer experience, utilize no-code for automation, and make their business sustainable and resilient.

Investments in technologies have shown growth in bottom-line profits which is why businesses are eager to use them. Aside from that they also want to invest to replace end-of-life hardware, reinforce business growth and promote workflow automation. 

Workflow automation is a process of making the flow of tasks, documents, and information perform independently in accordance with defined business rules. It should be a defined process that can be executed on a regular basis to affect everyday productivity positively. 

No-code development has been an integral part of digitization and automation not only for startups or small businesses but also for medium to large companies. No-code development is the creation of apps, websites, and even software using visual development or a drag-and-drop process. This makes development easier to work with even if you don’t have an extensive background in development.   Read this article to know why choose no-code workflow automation

Benefits of No-Code Workflow Automation

Is it worth it?


Automation has a lot more benefits ins tore for you and your business.  Here are some of the best reasons to start a workflow automation.

Workflow Optimization 

Workflow automation aims to strengthen the effectiveness of processes and achieve reduced errors coming from manual processes. However, during the development, there might be roadblocks that will require revisions such as feature updates and bug solutions., and so on.  This is one of no-code’s strengths to iterate faster than traditional code

Accurate Data Collection

Data collection is faster and more efficient with automation. Reports can come with specific data and organized insights that allow organizations to understand bottlenecks and reallocate resources to resolve this.

Efficient Task Management 

Workflow automation enhances and streamlines processes within the department. In addition to that, it also makes it super easy to onboard multiple employees or manage numerous IT tasks as neatly organized and streamlined processes also increase the potential for multitasking.

Unified communication with In-App conversations

No-code app builders allow for in-app interactions so that team members have records of every communication and specific attachments on a specific process or project. Only team members who are a part of the process can view and contribute to these conversations by tagging and replying to their colleagues.

Reduced Errors

By doing workflows manually, it leaves room for errors which can cost the organization. Having a no-code workflow automation can reduce human errors while allowing to be flexible for any changes that can occur at the launch of the automation. 

These are just some of the benefits of having an automated workflow process and even if you are in a different industry we are sure it will be applicable to you.

How to Create No-Code Workflow Automation

Ready to automate your workflow? Here is an easy guide to a no-code workflow automation that you can base your timelines and execution dates. 

Step 1: Define the workflow objective

Having an agreed objective makes it easier for everyone to know what to prioritize - efficiency, time, budget, and so on. During this time it’s important to assess what kind of project will this be. It is said that there are two kinds

One Hit Wonders

These projects typically start somewhere outside of the no-code development frame of mind. Teams and projects of this type are usually aimed to solve short-term problems rather than long-term. This is great for testing in areas of business that value agility. 

Culture-Shifting Career Makers

As the name suggests, this type is more strategic that will change how a company manages its workflow and adapts to the changing world around it. This involves a more in-depth and critical analysis as it will be used for long-term and critical processes.

Step 2: Enumerate the organizational processes that impact the objective

After agreeing on an objective, it is time to create a summary of processes involved. This gives you an overview on what is currently being done and looking at it from a macro perspective. In this step, you need to break down what has traditionally been one big business process into several smaller pieces that clearly outline the job description of  each participant.

Step 3: Define and map your business processes

Now that you have the processes its time to fine tune the roles and definitions of each participant. Having all of this definition is a great wayto accelerate a software development project. The good thing about a  no-code software project is the mapping of this stuff is exactly what you’ll be doing to build the software application.

Step 4: Agree on a budget range

As with any project, there is a budget that should be worked on. The main thing to consider here is the scope and complexity of the work. With large enterprises, doing a Culture Shifting Career Maker project can cost about six to seven figures. You might be surprised but some traditional code agencies even went up to eight and nine figures. Knowing your budget and communicating it early on will manage expectations as well for you and the no-code team.

Step 5: Find experts in your field and no-code

There are now a lot of no-code development agencies in different parts of the world. Find a business that is well-rounded and has proficiency in your industry. However, finding a team with various industry experiences can also give a fresh perspective. One of the things to consider is if they have a customer journey and a client transparency mindset. This ensures that even if you’re not hands-on the project is moving at the expected pace. You can also check The Bubble Agency page to see businesses in your area. 

Step 6: Engage in a proof-of-concept project  

With no-code development, building, editing, and iterating are fast and easy enough even for non-technical team members. Development of proof-of-concept with no-code is easier since MVPs (most viable products) help businesses understand customers and their platforms as well. MVPs for your business can give you time to review the process, analyze if there are miscommunications, and update in a matter of days. 

Automating the Workflow with No-Code

It is an exciting time when technology can be maximized by all kinds of people and all sizes of businesses. It gives the opportunity for technology to be more relevant and useful. By utilizing this, business growth is possible and productivity is improved. Doing a no-code workflow automation project makes you review and refresh the tasks involved in a process.  This kind of experience makes you see the little things that you might not have seen as business improves. Overall, workflow automation is your step to the future. 

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