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venture capitalists no-code

Venture Capitalists and the No-Code Startup

May 25, 2022

Building a startup can be exhausting and draining not to mention expensive. If your startup is gaining momentum but needs substantial funding, there are venture capitalists or VCs. Since VCs see a lot of business ideas, what will it take for them to work on a no-code business idea? Here are some tips and real-talk advice on how to get that yes.

No-Code Oats

How No-Code and Cloud Computing will Build the Future

May 18, 2022

Working on the cloud? A cloud was once something we enjoyed looking at to something we can collaborate on especially when working remotely. Along with no-code, cloud computing has been touted as the new development trends that we will see more in the future. How will these two trends come together and what will it mean for the future of work?

No-code DAOs

What are DAOs and How No-Code can Help It Grow?

May 11, 2022

The evolution of the internet is happening right now. Web3 will let the users own their data and have control over it rather than big companies. And now, even how a business can work together can also change in using DAO. Find out what DAO is and the impact no-code can do for it.



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