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How Getting a No-Code Agency Can Help Your Business?

August 16, 2022

If you’re planning to go on greater heights this 2022 – whether launching an app, building a website, or using automation to power up your company – no-code development can help you might have heard that a no-code project can mean faster turnaround time and a more practical option. If you are growing a business, overspending is one of the things we mentioned in the Startup Mistakes to Avoid article. Don’t spend on building an in-house team, procuring equipment and software or learning a new skill. Opt to hire a no-code agency and see your ideas come to reality.

No-code agencies have sprung up especially last year as no-code becomes more mainstream. Startups and established companies have offered this since many experts have dubbed it to be the future. Read more about the real future between no-code and coding development in our article – Is Low-Code/No-Code Really the Future of Development?

Let’s just get it out there. Getting a 3rd party agency will be a little more expensive if you get to the nitty-gritty of it.

However, getting an agency has its advantages and the design process is very easy. Rather than stressing yourself, maybe the few extra dollars might not be so bad. Here are the reasons to hire a no-code agency and how a normal process should look like.

Why get a No-Code Agency?

When you want to build a no-code project seamlessly and with a team of professionals, no-code agencies are your best bet. Here are the advantages of getting ano-code agency.

1.       Team of Experts

Getting an agency frees you some time to select, train and manage a team especially if it is a one-off project.  A high-caliber agency can give you a team of experts who knows what they are doing and can present a variety of solutions for your needs.

2.       Equipment and software

No need to pay extra for subscriptions and equipment that you may not need in the future. An agency can even provide services that can’t usually be accessed by any self-taught no-coder. After evaluation, you have the option to purchase them yourself to maintain or check if the maintenance cost is hassle-free.

3.       Experience

An agency may see the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred solution and how to work around it. Given that no-code is just starting, there might be better solutions that fit your need or circumvent any problems. This may hold true especially for projects with sensitive data that might be compromised.

4.       Innovation

Since no-code is constantly changing and new platforms are launching, innovation is presented to you. No need to look into everything yourself and try to apply it in your system. Rather, you have a team who understands if it is a fad or something brilliant that will help your business.

5.       More time

As you have read in the top 4 reasons, skipping the learning curve can be beneficial for your business. You have more time to strategize and analyze rather than do other things. One of the key traits of a good business owner is knowing when to delegate tasks.  By getting an agency, your resources are focused in the departments and projects that can move your business forward.

What is usually the process?

Here in Estel, we pride ourselves on offering the best options for your business. In this example, we will walk you through our process and what happens if youstart your business with us.

1. Discovery Call

Estel wants to know your goal and recommend the best way to get there. It might be a shorter one than you initially set out on or it might take the road less taken, this is where the planning happens before the adventure.

2. Design Sprint

Estel is your partner and we count your success as our own too. We have these mini journeys called design sprints. These sprints let us understand what you actually need, brainstorm ideas, and build a solution exactly to address it with!

3. Build

We will build the right no-code app or no-code website for your goal through no and low code tools. Just give us the greenlight and you can take the back seat and enjoy the scenery for the journey ahead.

4. Test

We will build the platform to bridge the gap and test it too before you step in! We will do initial tests ourselves and once it is good for you to try, we will guide you through it. Once we have agreed it is safe after more tests and tweaks, we will put a ribbon on it ready for you to launch!

5. Launch

The launch of your platform is just a pit stop to your next destination. You will need to retool and recalculate your steps inyour expedition as your needs and goals change. We will be your guide through your journey every step of the way

Are you ready for a no-code agency?

Getting an agency can be exciting and tough at the same time. The team and your vision must come together in order to work seamlessly. Consider your finances and analyze if getting an agency will benefit your business at this time. No-code agency promises efficiency and practicality and see if this will fit where your company is headed this 2022.

If you feel like the Estel team is for you, click here to book a FREE consultation call HERE! Talk to you soon!

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