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How to Improve Customer Experience with No-Code

August 16, 2022

Over the years, the tables have turned from corporations being product-centric to customer-centric. Customer experience and feedback have been key objectives for a company’s success. Customer journey experiences have been mapped in order to understand what the customer needs are.

Customer experience is defined by McKinsey as the complete, end-to-end experience customers have with a company from their perspective. It includes pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase stages for the customer.  This will include analysis of the different dimensions of customer experience including senses, emotions, feelings, perceptions, cognitive evaluations, involvement, memories, as well as spiritual components, and behavioral intentions.

Technology and the internet have been vital inletting companies understand their customers better and making the experience better for them. Apps and websites have been useful as global usage of mobile phones increased across all generations. With the fast turnaround of trends and innovation, it can be quite expensive to create these platforms continuously.

How  To Use No-Code in Customer Experience

Luckily the rise of no-code development means a faster and less expensive way to create ways to make the customer experience better. More and more companies have now adopted no-code since upskilling their existing dev and digital innovation teams cost less than spending on expensive outside dev talent.

Aid in the Consideration Phase

AI is one of the top 2022 app development trends. Just recently, retail makeup giant Ulta has launched an AI-powered virtual beauty tool with low-code. The competition in this industry pushed them to be more creative and faster especially when the pandemic happened.  Their GlamLab is a collection of AI tools with low-code to create an app that lets customers virtually try out their makeup even if they buy online.  They have also used low-code AI projects such as the guest services chatbot.  To know more about AI in no-code, click hereto see the AI-enabled platforms

Simplifying the Product Acquisition Phase

Aside from that, no-code can enable small businesses to continually serve and connect with their customers even with the pandemic at hand. It has sped up the need for businesses to build their online presence. Through low-code/no-code platforms, businesses could enjoy improved agility, decreased costs, higher productivity, and an overall better customer experience. No-code lets businesses of all sizes to have their own app or website where the orders can come directly to them without 3rd party fees. Branding can also be powerful with these platforms and enables to promote campaigns and launches more efficiently.

Going back to Ulta, they also used low-code to create their curbside pickup service which enables buyers to drive through a store and get their purchases without leaving their car. This kind of service elevates the marketing efforts and simplifies the customer journey.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relations can also be improved with no-code through automation. Through no-code, it empowers users to build communications processes flexibly, with no programming required. A single use interface directly controls complex automated integration actions to create outstanding customer experiences. However, just using a machine to handle human calls can also be disastrous as it leads to becoming impersonal. Fusing human connection and technology will be better as it lets humans analyze the situation and solution much better rather than leaving it to the machine.

Aside from that, no-code can also help in the fulfillment of online purchases reducing human error during the packing and shipping phase. This reduces customer dissatisfaction like receiving the wrong quantity or even the wrong items.

Harnessing No-Code in Providing Better Service

No-code can serve businesses of all sizes at a fraction of what regular coding costs.  Modern marketing can benefit from no-code by launching quick and easy apps to improve customer’s changing dynamics with technology and the product.   What we write here are just the beginning and who knows what other advancements can no-code bring to life to improve customer experience.

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