No-Code AI in APP Development

Is AI a Threat to No-Code Development

January 12, 2023

Artificial Intelligence or AI has moved past science fiction movies and comics to the real world.  AI has been used before in special cases but last year was a leap with AI becoming part of our daily lives. It has become an exciting technology to look out for in the field of tourism, healthcare, logistics and so much more. As a technology created to mimic the human mind for tasks that require problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, it has been used to make life more efficient.

AI has been used in Google to identify how pages will be ranked depending on their usefulness to the searcher. It has also been used in other features like Google Translate, Maps, Assistant and so much more. Dall E opened the doors to AI art which lets anyone create art just by typing words and even caused a debate if it should be called art. Lastly, just before 2022 ended, OpenAI launched the chatbot ChatGPT which converses naturally and provides responses that can appear surprisingly human. AI has also been used in app development which is already a staple with mobile device usage at a record high. 

With AI becoming more advanced and “smarter”, many developers feel threatened by it. A Twitter user even posted that they were able to create an app just by talking with ChatGPT. If an AI chatbot can bypass code development with just a kick of the button, app development can reach new markets.No-code development has been doing this for quite some time now and even grew popular. 

No-code development has been growing in the past years for its ability to let anyone develop their own apps, websites, and even software with a drag and drop. It has been used by businesses of all sizes to automate and optimize in a cost-efficient way and even by startup owners to launch. But with AI’s growing popularity, will no-code be obsolete in app development? 

AI in App Development

Developers have been using AI for app development already. Mobile applications acquire enormous amounts of data with more users and are this is where AI comes in to manage the information. Here are some uses of AI in app development


Digitization has accelerated and optimized sales processes. However, one key factor has been skipped which is service personalization. With AI, it can create recommendations through which you can engage better with your customers.

Digital Assistance 

By maximizing AI’s voice and speech recognition technology, you can have virtual assistants in your app which can make app communication easier for your users. 

Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for code and no-code developers. We have discussed previously on a previous blog how to practice good cybersecurity HERE. With AI, it is easier to process enormous amounts of data at a high speed and detect cybersecurity threats and prevent attacks by alerting you and your users. 

There are many other uses of AI in app development that's why it is a key tool. Both code and no-code developers know that AI can help in optimizing the performance of an app. However, will the tool be a threat to the very system that can help create it?

AI in Building No-Code Apps 

One Twitter user claimed that when he asked ChatGPT to create an app just by typing what it needs. It gave a code that can just be uploaded on a platform. This was also tested by a developer who requested a To-Do App. Here, he detailed the mandatories in a prompt on what will the app need. Surprisingly, ChatGPT was able to provide a working code when uploaded, 

However, we believe that AI will not replace no-code or code development. Even with the feat of providing a good enough code, the chatbot is not “thinking” originally and merely taking things it has scanned from the internet. It will not be sufficient to build and customize to what the builder will need.  It is not yet capable of validating the effectiveness of what it presented and is just guessing (with a huge success rate) based on the prompts you have written and what is currently in its system. With no-code’s visual development, it will still, be a long way before it can automatically build one. Applying components can also be tricky since some elements of the 3rd party component may work together with your existing code and some may not. 

Aside from that there are limitations such as presenting outdated information, systematic biases, the scope of the pre-trained models, and the inability to decipher complex facts. This is where the dangers of solely relying on AI come in as app development requires analysis and a better understanding of your customer in terms of function, UI, and UX development. On top of that, it still needs human intervention in other phases of the app development like quality testing.  

One thing that AI can help code and no-code developers with is giving a base to start off which can reduce development time. It can also add more creative ideas to the table and show another way to achieve the job. But it will not replace human logic on why the task is being done and how to do it in the most efficient and realistic manner. 

AI’s Limits in App Development

AI should not be considered a threat in app development but instead a tool to make work easier. AI can maximize the limitations of what the human mind can output or speed up what humans can do in a matter of hours. One thing that a human developer remains to do is to guide, analyze and review the tool to produce the right output. At the end of the day, it’s really human logic and understanding that should come across as we do no-code app development. 

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