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No-Code Animation to Improve Your Website

March 15, 2023

Animation has come a long way apart from when it was considered a children’s show. According to a  2021 report, the global animation market grew by 5% amounting to $372 billion. It's even expected to grow by 60% within 9 years, impacting other sectors such as technology. The global demand for animation content is increasing with its usage in entertainment, website development,  training, and education. Even website animation is a growing industry as businesses see its potential to add value. 

The future of animation looks incredible. The current animation statistics show that the different businesses and multinational brands are investing in creating website animation to communicate with their audience and drive conversions.

No-code development now opens animation’s doors for anyone who wants to apply it for their business, job, or even for personal use. By learning no-code animation, you can add things like animated logos, 404 pages, and even backgrounds. However, not everyone is well-versed in using CSS or JavaScript and only knows modifying HTML. No-code animation is a great skill to add if you’re a UX/UI or a graphic designer.

With no-code making website animation more accessible, businesses of all sizes can tap into this technology. What kind of animations can you add to your business and what benefit will it do to your business?

How to Apply No-Code Animation to your Website?

No-code site animation is still a relatively new industry. There are a handful of new tools out there and each has its own strengths depending on what you need.  Aside from adding aesthetic value, what are the benefits of adding animation to your website? Here are some creative executions and what will it mean for your business.

Animated 404 Pages

404 pages are usually an ignored part of the website or in landing page creations. These are pages that let your users know that the page iis unavailable or, in some cases, doesn't exist. 

By adding animated 404 pages, they can redirect customers back to your website and contribute to visitor retention.  Just remember that 404s should only be redirected to a category or parent page if that's the most relevant to what the customer was looking for. 

Landing Pages that Convert

An effective animated landing page must not only be good to look at but also be functional. It should be able to tell a story of the brand, show value and demonstrate brand benefit to the user. Conversion rates can be improved by even the tiniest details such as icons and even during the clicks on the page.

Logos that Captivate 

Animating your logo can boost your business in different ways. 57% of small business owners are willing to allot a higher budget for logo creation according to WebsitePlanet. This represents your brand and becomes your identifier in the industry. Animating the website can increase your brand’s functionality. It can help grab people’s attention and encourage engagement to your call to action. Aside from that, it can help accent your brand style and retain that to your customer even after they left your website. 

Seasonal Updates 

Creating a seasonal animation for our website can make a great impression on both new and returning customers of your website.  Sometimes, it’s the small details that can make a huge difference and work wonders for a brand. Just look at Google and their themed logos that make their home page even more interesting. 

These additions are a great way to refresh your website and re-energize your customers. It’s like redecorating your physical store and making it a new experience when they visit your website.  

No-code Animation Platforms

No-code animation is still limited but very promising. If you are wondering how to create animation for website, there are a number of platforms that can make this happen. 


SVGator is the ultimate SVG animation generator without the need to learn how to code. You can animate your SVG with various path, morph, filter, or color animations. You have the option to choose CSS or JavaScript as your animation type! Best of all.  no need to download software or plugin on your device and start right away.


Kinetix is making waves right now. It is a no-code 3D creation tool that uses artificial intelligence motion capture to convert videos into 3D animations.It allows designers to input video clips, integrate materials from the Kinetix collection, pick a design, and have a fully-generated 3D identity in minutes. As of 2022, Kinetix has raised $12.5 million in total funding to update its projects. 


Flow is a UX animation tool targeted to designers. It offers seamless translation from Sketch, Figma, and SVG to Flow in seconds. You can create complex animations and interactive elements using layers and properties and no keyframes unlike other tools. You also have access to an intuitive path editing interface & custom curve editor, and access timeline with 1/100s precision.

Dynamic and Creative Websites with No-Code Animation

As digitization ramps ups, businesses need to be exciting and refreshing to their audience. Animation can do this! With the skills gap still going on, some businesses might not be able to get talent to do this or even afford agencies to do customized web animations. With no-code development,  they can learn how to create animation for websites or even get a more affordable agency to build it for them faster. This is what no-code does, making technology accessible to more people and businesses.

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