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No-Code in Ecommerce Growth

August 22, 2022

Ecommerce is everywhere. Businesses of all sizes have been drastically forced to shift online and adopt e-commerce FAST. It is estimated that by next year, online store sales are forecasted to hit 22% of global retail sales versus 14.1% back in 2019. E-commerce websites have become virtual shopping malls with endless options open 24 hours a day. Amazon e-commerce is expected to make up 39.5% of all US retail ecommerce sales in 2022. Right now, it is estimated that 26M ecommerce sites globally, and more are launched everyday. 

With this exponential growth came of adoption came the influx of ecommerce services as well. Platforms have catered to different types of ecommerce businesses which helped the industry grow as well. Technology has certainly contributed in the growth of various ecommerce business ideas.,

No-code technology has grown alongside e-commerce during the pandemic. This kind of development allowed everyone to start creating no-code apps and websites. No-code tools allowed flexibility and customization which are not as available in previous years.

As we discussed in one of our articles No-Code Empowering the Creator Economy, since more people have access to publishing their on product or entertainment online. Ecommerce retail will surely be a part of it as they expand and scale their business. Since no-code is about empowering any person or business, how does one apply no-code in ecommerce?

What is the Advantage of Ecommerce?

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption and created digital transformations. It allowed people new access to products virtually at their convenience. According to McKinsey’s  report, demand for online purchasing are one of the key factors that they see will stick even after the pandemic. On top of that it also helps small and medium businesses get the traffic they need to pursue the business. 

Here are the key advantages with ecommerce that all kinds of business can enjoy:

Business Growth

Various studies have shown that stores and brands experienced more than 10% growth  in overall weekly shopping revenue. This can be caused by current customers having more access or new customers who are willing to try new brands. After all, brand switching has been prevalent during the pandemic and we see customers sticking to old habits. 

Lowered Operational Cost

Overhead costs like utilities and rentals are one of the major liabilities for any business. Having an online store, means reduced expenses for operational costs. This is also the reason that many small to medium online businesses can operate even at a minimal size.

Expanded Options for Marketing and Integration 

Having a digital store helps brands build their online presence which can be more targeted and more cost-efficient for them. Social media is transforming to becoming social shopping platforms where ecommerce is already integrated. 

Customer Convenience

Customers have more access and can buy from you anytime and anywhere they are. Before, if you want to get a product they have to be able to know you and buy from your store. Or maybe have a store near them so they can buy. These days all you need is marketing, a link and stocks to be able to make that sale. 

No-Code in Ecommerce

No-code in ecommerce is becoming more common than before. There are different no-code tools that businesses can use to manage and build their stores. Apart from that, you can also use no-code to build your store from scratch and add as many features as you want. Here are some tools you can use for every stage of ecommerce.

Building Your Online Store 


Webflow has become one of the leading platforms for website building. They have ecommerce tools to help build your business. You can also appy in their Weflow University to get a grip of the ins and outs. Webflow allows you to build a website for free  however there is a few of 12-$36/month before your site can go live .


With just click, drop, and edit, you can create beautiful one-page websites with Carrd. It automatically optimizes your website to adjust to any layout. You can build basic websites for free but when you go premium, you can add widgets, forms, Google Analystic tracking and so much more for only P$19/ annually. 



Another well-known no-code tool, Zapier moves information between your web apps automatically and helps you in automating redundant tasks. It moves data from one app to anther and you can set actions after each trigger. Zapier has a  free option that can do up to 100 tasks per month and more than that lets you choose from their different plans. 


Make is another trusted automation no-code tool in the market today. Make allows you to visually create, build, and automate in a drag and drop. Their pricing depends on how many tasks you will need it to perform monthly. It can go as low as $9/ month to $29/month billed annually.

App Development


This no-code tool can help you create mobile apps for your website. As we discussed in Is a Mobile-First Strategy For You, mobile is beating desktops in terms of website traffic. Having an app means a smoother customer experience and better revenues. Adalo is beginner-friendly and has a lot of components that you can add to your app. 

Tap Cart

Another industry leader in mobile app development, Tapcart specializes in r building mobile apps to enhance your e-commerce presence. With it, you can convert your  Shopify store into an app even with limited background in coding. It is quite pricey at $250 - $1,200/month.

Empowerment of Business Owners with No-Code

Ecommerce empowers all kinds of businesses - whether it's a local mom-and-pop shop or a multinational business, it gives everyone access to anyone in the world for their business. This is what no-code helps ecommerce with. Even with the lack of access to IT talent, they can now leverage technology to gain customers as well. As we cross borders in the digital world, we look forward to a future of no-code in ecommerce. 

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