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No-Code Marketing Tools For Startup Founders and Small Business Owners

August 16, 2022

Digital marketing is now an essential part of setting up a business. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of all things digital from shopping, entertainment and even learning. This is why digital marketing has been more relevant than ever before. Amplified usage of social media, digital banking and even remote working has helped boost digital marketing.

Businesses also enjoy the advantages of digital marketing since it is cheaper than traditional marketing and hyper-focused. This has resulted in the birth of marketing growth tools in the market today also known as martech tools (marketing technology). No-code development has made these marketing tools possible with their flexibility and ease of use.

No-code marketing tools fall into several patterns such as:

  • Design & Content which pertain to web and mobile app builders, bot flows, interactive content
  • Spreadsheets where you can input data such as Excel or Google Sheets
  • Automation includes workflow and integrations (iPaaS) with event-driven models

According to an article by ChiefMartec,  marketers have always categorized their work with the three M’s  - Media (paid, earned, owned), messages (brand message and customer feedback), and mechanisms(apps and automation). As you can see in his Venn diagram, you can see that there is an overlap with those categories.

No-code martech tools benefit small business owners and startup founders since it empowers them at a practical cost. However, some startup founders and business owners feel overwhelmed with marketing that they find it a chore to do. This shouldn’t be the case and this is why martech tools come into play. They make the whole process easier and smoother which can encourage them to invest time into it.

Here are the marketing activities and the no-code marketing tools you can use for your business or startup.

When designing content for marketing collateral or social media content

  • Canva – a graphic design platform that has templates that can create social media graphics, presentations and other visual content simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Voiceflow – a conversation design tool that can design, prototype and launch voice & chat assistants.
  • Bannerbear - an image processing service that enables you to generate template variations by using data into a graphic template.

When you want to create your own landing page or website to drive traffic

  • Bubble - a no-code platform where you can build web and mobile apps, websites and so much more.
  • Adalo – an intuitive and easy to learn no-code platform that can create a native apps.
  • Webflow – an online visual editor platform allows users to design, build, and launch websites.

 When you have data but want a better understanding of it:

  • Hubspot- an all-in-one marketing tool that assists you in building and optimizing websites, managing email contacts, running your blog, and others.
  • Databox – a business analytics platform that pulls your data in one place so you can see your performance indicators in one place.
  • Airtable – a colorful and easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases.
  • Demand Sage – a sales & marketing intelligence SaaS solution that can aggregate HubSpot data into Sheets for automatic updates and other data sources.
  • - data science tool that will help you make very informed decisions for your SaaS business

When you want to manage a project:

  • Notion - project management and note-taking software designed to help your team coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments for efficiency and productivity.
  • – a cloud-based platform that lets team members collaborate efficiently by constructing applications to meet your specific operational requirements.

When you want to gather and organize your lead generation results

  • CallRail - a service that tracks and manages your phone leads which can help businesses determine which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads.
  • SparkToro – is designed to give marketers a deeper understanding of the websites that an audience reads and who that audience follows on Twitter, YouTube and more.

When you want to build a community with your newsletter

  • Mailchimp – an automation platform and email marketing service that helps in managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns to send to customers
  • Seventh Sense - AI software designed to drive maximum performance and engagement with your existing email marketing program.

When you want to automate

  • –automation platform to level up your workforce by automating complex processes and can connect their entire cloudstack thanks to APIs.
  • Maker - an app that helps automate processes such as connecting apps, transferring data, and handling long automation processes 24/7.
  • Zapier - helps you automate repetitive tasks by connecting your apps and creating workflows that save time and effort.
  • - easy-to-use workflow automation tool that lets you connect the web apps used daily and automate repetitive tasks without having to code anything.

Letting technology help your Marketing

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more martech tools out there. As you can see, there are several functions that different tools can help you with. But be warned, you don’t have to use the mall at once. As a startup founder or a small business, it is important to realize which of the functions are more important. At the end of the day, prioritize only and you don’t have to do everything. Learn to focus on one key feature, the customer and your mission.

If you have an idea that needs translation to no-code development, Estel is the team for you. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today and see how no-code can improve your business.

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