Choose Between No-Code Website or Amazon and Etsy.

Where to Sell If You Want to Scale Your Business

October 13, 2023

Starting a small business is more accessible with digitization. There are many online selling platforms where you can start a business with a few clicks of a button. You also have the choice to build your own website using tech like no-code development. If you’re wondering if it’s easy to build a business, yes it is!

Online selling platforms such as Amazon and Etsy, have connected sellers with buyers wherever they are. This is especially helpful to small business owners who are still in the early phase of their businesses. However, as a business scales and the brand is becoming stronger, it's time to assess if it’s time to break away from platforms and build your own digital space. No-code development is now considered a great alternative to building your own app, website, or program. It is a visual design tool that lets you build easily and launch even faster.  Building a website with no-code is easier and cheaper than traditional code. You can make money online with no-code if you want.

In this quick read, we will talk about the advantages of having your own website and staying in an online selling platform.

Why Stay with an Online Selling Platform?

Platforms are the easiest way to start a business simply because everything is almost set up for you. All you really need is your product, and images, and you can start any time. This might work especially if you are testing the waters. Etsy and Amazon have provided small businesses with a great space that connects them to buyers where they can shop safely. Here is a deep dive into the advantages of starting in an online selling platform. 

Built-in Audience

Platforms already invested in growing their user database for you. They now have a large and established customer base, providing immediate access to potential buyers.

Ease of Use

Starting an account is straightforward and directed to make it easy even for people with no technical skills to start their shop. 

Store Credibility

With a solid reputation and buyer protection services, their reputation can lend credibility to your brand. If you have been approved it means you passed screening as a valid seller. 

Reduced Marketing Cost

Driving people to your store can be cheaper since online platforms conduct promotions to lure them in. There are also marketing and advertising tools to help sellers to reach more customers which reduces the need for extra manpower. 


You can benefit from the seller communities within the platform to give support and networking opportunities.

IT for Technical Hassles

No need to worry about hosting, security, or website maintenance issues since that is with the online selling platform.

But what about the other side of the story? For the disadvantages, see these reasons to think about. 

Numerous Fees

With all their spending on marketing and maintenance, they need to charge fees and even commissions which can cut your profit margins.

Limited Branding

Your shop layout may look similar to other shops, limiting your ability to establish a unique customer experience.

Policy Changes

Since they own the platform, they can change policies and rules that can disrupt your business operations.


The platform is not exclusive and is highly competitive, with many competitors offering similar products.

Account Suspension

The platform can suspend or terminate your account for policy violations, causing potential business disruptions.

Why Build Your Own No-Code Website?

Let’s focus on using no-code to build your website since it has a lot of advantages over using traditional coding. Now that it has improved a lot and provides a lot of customization features, you can build so much more on it. For a small business that starting to scale and wants its own website, no-code development is recommended way. As you saw in the infographic, here are the reasons to choose it

Branding Control 

You now have the option with the overall layout, features, and branding elements allowing you to create a unique and distinct online presence.


Improve user experience to align with your brand and customer preferences. You can also add more features such as shipment tracking, chatbots, virtual try-ons and so much more. 

Pricing Control

You can now set your own pricing strategies, hold sale campaigns and reprice products without restrictions imposed by a third-party platform.

Full Margin

Now that the space is all yours,  you have the potential to keep a higher percentage of your sales revenue. You can allocate a higher budget to key departments. 

Diversified Platforms 

You are not reliant on a single selling platform and now have the option to reallocate investments to diverse channels.  

Even though it does sound good, there are also setbacks to having your own website. Here is a description of each item.

Initial Investment

No-code development is more practical than traditional coding but it still needs initial investment such as getting an agency,  domain registration, hosting, security, and maintenance.

Traffic Generation

Now that you have your own space, you need to invest time and resources into marketing and SEO efforts to drive traffic to your website.

Build Trust 

Trust with customers can be challenging especially since you are transitioning them from a well-known platform to yours. 

Secure Payments

Setting up a secure payment processing system is a MUST to make customers feel safe buying from you. 

Having a website is a strategic move that not only expands their reach but also solidifies their position in the marketplace. However, you also have to be prepared financially as you expand your team and your brand. 

Do You Have to Choose Between a No-Code Website and Selling Platform?

The choice between owning a website and online seller platforms depends on your business goals, resources, and preferences. Some can do both, leveraging the advantages of each platform to maximize their reach and revenue. In the fast-paced digital landscape, a strong online presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses of all sizes.

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