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Workforce Management Guide for Startups

September 28, 2022

When you’re a startup founder, one of the key things that you should have is a great team. Employees have a great impact on the first rounds of the business cycle. It is important that they understand what the company is about, expect flexibility and learn to be agile. However, getting good talent regardless of the business size is a challenge. According to survey ran by Glassdoor, an average U.S. employer spends about $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new worker

When you do find that person, you have to take the necessary steps to take care of them. As you business grows, you need a more systemized way to make ensure your team is well managed. Workforce management is the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organization to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. Startups like yours need to have a delicate balance of enforcing rules but also sharing company’s values especially to your pioneer team. 
This blog focuses on startup founders  and how they can navigate workforce management as they grow. It also tackles how to utilize technology such as no-code to manage and streamline your process.   As a startup, you need to leverage technology that can help you in this aspect,. No-code development is already becoming a favorite among technical and non-technical people. It lets them create apps, websites and even software with visual programming. 

What are the Processes Involved in Workforce Management?

Its important to understand what is involved within workforce management or WFM. This way you know hich ones to focus on for now and which ones you can work on later. 

Forecasting and budgeting

Businesses have low and peak seasons. Through the process of forecasting, you should calculate how many and what kind of staff resources are needed for a project. Budgeting on the other hand, lets you know how much that manpower will cost the business. 


If your startup hours have work shifts, scheduling is an important process that usually takes analysis. A solid and automated WFM system reduces confusion, under/over staffing since factors like leaves and rest days are already accounted for. 

Time and Attendance 

Tracking time and attendance using WFM tools and processes reveals attendance patterns and produces data to analyze employee behavior. This also reduces friction when it comes to proper wage payment. 

Payroll and benefits administration 

WFM reduces manual payroll and prevents errors - human or machine - from happening frequently. This is important since the team must receive their compensation in time and correctly in order to feel satisfied with their stay at your business. 


Compliance tracking is one of the most complicated and potentially costly areas of WFM. When non-compliant with state, federal, and local employment laws can result in fines and employee lawsuits.

Vacation and leave planning 

Tracking staff levels and digitally handling time-off requests and approvals are important in managing the business. With an automated system and data analysis, startups  can use WFM for the management and tracking of leave balances, paid time off (PTO), or absences more accurately rather than doing it manually

Improving your Workforce Management

It’s important to set the goals of your workforce management when using the tools above. As a startup, you need to have objectives for every action so each step becomes a step towards success. 

Strive to have a  positive work culture

Being toxic is not very 2022 and businesses should be able to have a positive impact to your employees, Modern workers want more out of their jobs than just money and want to have a purpose on what they’re doing. A positive and supportive company culture is essential if you want to find and keep the best employees.

Encourage Communication

The advantage of being ibn a startup is the reduction of red tape and many layers of management before hearing your employees. Having an open line of communication makes sure everyone is on the same page and is aware of what the business cares for. 

Invest in the Right Tools 

Proper resources can help build your startup efficiently even with a limited staff. This maximzies your current team without overloading them. This ensures that employees needs can be addressed at a level and even automate processes.

Tools to Improve Workforce Management

Startups don't have the luxury of hiring multiple staff for different roles. Sometimes focus is needed to maintain and manage a workforce. In some cases, the owner is also the hiring manager and the HR manager in a company. In the early phases of the business cycle, no-code can help businesses manage their workload and automate processes. 

No-code is not limited to creating MVPs but it is now powerful enough to create customized apps that can git your business. There are also ready to use no-code tools that can provide business solutions

Here are some no-code tools you can use or even create to help in no-code workforce management:

Managing and automating Payroll

With the rise of financial technology or fintech, it help modernize and automate the payroll system. It is dubbed as the future of payroll that lets startups offer on-demand pay through a cloud-based money movement solution made accessible to employees as a downloadable mobile app.

Smoother Onboarding Process

As we discussed in our previous article, Benefits of No-Code for Business Operations, a seamless and immersive onboarding experience can be beneficial for new hires. It gives them a sense of the company culture and allows them to see what the business has to offer. It also gives them  the proper reference for the filing the right paperwork and where to access it. This lessens the time it will take an HR person for these thing. 

Web Forms 

Employee feedback, leaves and even job applications all need forms to have proper documentation. No-code tools like Formstack, can help HR people manage the requests and data they need to keep the business running smoothly. 

Seamless Recruitment Process

No-code tools out there like Recruitee can help startups manage their hiring funnel. Sometimes recruitment can also fall in HR management even if it is a time consuming process. With tools like, this it can help boat sourcing, automate the hiring process and evaluate candidates more efficiently. 

Platform for Everyone

No-code HR platforms like Hibob, simplifies the process by letting information accessible on-demand. With this platform, they can access their own schedule se, company and personal milestones and even file requests in one sitting. This lets you view everything from a dashboard as well without being overwhelmed.

No-Code HR Management 

Businesses run on people and this si where proper HR management comes in. Having a reliable team is one thing but ensuring they are happy and satisfied is another story. Being a startup does not excuse a business for not providing the right environment for the team. , If the company vibe is good, then people will become happy and business becomes better. No-code helps businesses achieve this by offering simple and fast solutions that used to cost a lot. It democratized technology and made it available even for small or medium-sized businesses. 

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