no-code milestones in 2022

2022 No-Code Milestones

December 28, 2022

No-code has made great leaps this year. According to several reports, the low-code and no-code market is estimated to end at$18.32 Billion this 2022. This is a $4 billion increase from 2020 during the pandemic's start. this value is expected to hit an estimated $187 billion in 2030 with a 31% CAGR. Investments by large organizations o no-code development have doubled since 2020 with digitization and automation driving operational efficiencies. 

2022 was a real breakthrough and this can be accredited to the growing no-code industry. The number of no-code agencies, platforms, and even communities has increased this year encouraging shared knowledge and wider options for this development. No-code development makes app, website, and software development much easier and can be done by citizen developers. However, it has also been attracting even professional coders and has been advocating hybrid development in some projects. This has led to a better discourse among traditional code and no-code developers.

We have already discussed  2023 Tech Trends To Do With No-Code and saw how no-code can be applied to tech that will dominate the new year. In this article, we will have a quick look at the milestones of no-code and how it contributed to the exciting growth. 

The No-Code Milestones that Created an Impact 

These no-code milestones help us pinpoint key areas of growth that no-code enjoyed this year.  We will be able to watch out for these industries or even see the birth of something bigger

Large Businesses Supporting No-Code

In July 2022, Microsoft partnered with Bubble to further aid founders and entrepreneurs from in Founder’s Hub, This recognition is monumental since it shows that even old-guard tech As part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, startups will be given $3000 credits to Bubble’s visual programming platform designed to allow our founders to build fast and responsive web applications with the opportunity to scale. It is great to see that bigger brands recognize how valuable no-code development adoption is for small businesses.

Prior to this, businesses like Spotify, Doordash, and Liberty Insurance have been using no-code for their internal tools to automate and improve business operations. This is just the start as there had been studies showing that no-code will dominate business applications by 2025. Along with this usage comes increased investments which will mean more support for the no-code industry and the platform developers. 

Growing Community

In November 2022, Webflow held its first in-person Webflow Conf which started in 2019/ This is a gathering of several no-code developers to celebrate the makers, creators, and visionaries behind the world's greatest websites. The largest no-code event conducted in Europe also happened this year with No-Code Summit in France which guested the biggest names in the no-code industry. Even ZapConnect, Zapier’s automation is also gaining traction as it celebrated its 2nd year. 

What was a virtual community back then is now showing its presence in these large events. The community is growing as more people learn no-code for varied reasons. By doing these events, platforms can hype their products and also attract more people to see what no-code can do for them. With more users, more ideas and iterations can take place and the industry will grow. 

No-Code AI

Artificial intelligence is once a concept of science fiction but is now slowly a reality in our daily lives. We featured more about it in our article,   Is No-Code Artificial Intelligence Possible? In 2022, we saw a number of platforms that can provide AI services for businesses. One of them is Softr, which just released its upgrade that lets users create apps with AI integration and even use AI to generate graphics and copy. 

Just recently, an AI chatbot, ChatGPt was able to build a no-code app such as a  basic trading platform. It's not yet perfect of course, but you have an idea that even at its initial phase an AI tool can even create apps just by describing the desired functions and abilities. 

AI was also used this year to create a better user experience for customers through personalization. Machine-based learning personalization provides a more scalable way to deliver a different kind of brand experience to various customers. As advertising becomes more cluttered, personalization in 2022 can be new territory to marketing through no-code AI.

No-code for Web3 

Web3 is here but not fully adopted yet. This is why having more platforms allow access to Web3 and its other technologies will help gain more users and attract more businesses We are excited that several no-code platforms have begun offering NFT collection generation, DApp creation, crypto wallet development and so much more. Through these platforms,  Web3 can be democratized and be less intimidating, especially for those who are not that technical.

Blockchain technology has definitely improved this year but it is still mostly used by highly technical people. If the growth of platforms and tools this year is any indication, we certainly can see a leap in 2023. 

No-Code Yesterday and Today

No-code is still in its first cycle or its infancy and there’s still a long way to go. However, the development it has experienced in the last 365 days is proving that no-code is just beginning. We discussed 2023 Tech Trends To Do With No-Code and we saw that no-code can be used for most of the trends listed here. 

It’s no surprise since the synergy of increased users and idea generation will definitely take no-code to the next level. Apart from that, no-code is fast and affordable so more people can take a chance on releasing their ideas. 

No-code has come a long way but it still has much to go.

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