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2023 Tech Trends To Do With No-Code

December 14, 2022

2022 was a challenging year globally. War broke out between Ukraine and Russia, there were disruptions in the supply chain and inflation kicked off to alarming heights. However, we also saw the slow return to regular life as more countries adopted a pre-pandemic lifestyle. This gave businesses of all sizes a chance to recover and also adapt to the new lifestyle people have developed during the pandemic. 

Despite the expected recession, businesses are expected to invest in technology further in 2023. According to a study, 51% expect to increase tech spending by at least 20%. This is not a surprise as businesses saw the positive impact of technology in automation and digitization. According to Gartner’s studies, 89% of all companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or are planning to do so in the near future

Even with a grim future ahead, 2023 is poised to host new technological trends that can aid in the global recovery. No-code development continues to grow as more users know about it capability and more platforms are offering different features. No-code is the future as it democratizes programming through the graphical user interface. This allows them to build and launch faster than traditional coding. What new tech trends are coming in 2023 and how will no-code be a part of growing it?

2022 No-Code Recap

No-code even became more popular as more people embraced it either as a tool for their business or for personal use. Microsoft for Startups partnered with no-code platform Bubble to Launch Founders’ Hub Partnership to aid founders and entrepreneurs from idea launch to exit.  Here are some trends and see how no-code made an impact in it.


The pandemic forced businesses to see the importance of digitization not only in their sales channel but across their operations. As we discussed in our article, How to Apply Hyperautomation with No-Code,  some of the benefits of automation include improved collaboration, accurate data gathering, and cost-efficiency. Hyperautomation refers to a framework and a collection of advanced technologies that aim to create a system that can optimize the business profoundly.

Remote Technology

With hybrid workplaces already adopted as a result of the Great Resignation, businesses have shifted to remote working and collaborative workspaces. No-code as a visual programming language made it easier to work between technical and non-tech decision-makers to accelerate project development

2023 Tech Trends To Watch Out For 

Research agency Gartner has released its list of 10 strategic technology trends of 2023. Under this list are 3 overarching themes which are 


Enhancement of IT systems for greater reliability, improvement of data-driven decision-making, and maintenance of the value integrity of AI systems.


Increase vertical offerings,  accelerate the pace of product delivery and enable connectivity everywhere.


A change in the current business model, reinvention of the workplace, and tapping into new virtual markets.

Here are the trends that are forecasted to rock 2023 that you can do with no-code :


Metaverse became mainstream as Facebook rebranded to Meta and its CEO launched a demo video on how it will look like. We discussed how no-code virtual reality platforms are helping more people tap into a brand-new universe HERE . The technologies that make up the metaverse such as Alternate reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and even game development. There is even a no-code tool that allows users to create multi-scene AR experiences using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Web 3

No-code platforms have already come up that can let you create decentralized apps or 

DApps which can be used in Web3.  We discussed DApss further in a previous article, How to Build and Earn with No-Code DApps where you can know more about DApps and potential business ideas with it. 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are expected to become more usable and practical in the next year. NFT Artworks are expected to grow as well for collectors so that promises the opportunity to generate NRT artworks. No-code platforms can generate NFT artwork collections that can be solid on Ethereum.


According to Info-Tech's survey and research, artificial intelligence or AI will receive the most net-new investment by organizations by the end of 2023, with 35% of organizations indicating they have already invested in it and 44% planning to invest next year. AI is slowly hitting the mainstream already with AI art and will be even more common in the coming years. No-code AI will enable any business size to maximize its power to create more intelligent products and services at a faster pace while remaining cost-efficient. 


2023 is touted as the rise of superapps. A superapp is exactly as it sounds, it is an application that provides end users with a set of core features with  access to independently created mini apps. The mini apps work inside the superapps system that users can activate for consistent and personalized app experiences. Some components of superapps involve LCAP or low-code applications and even no-code applications. By applying no-code there is a possibility to create a more efficient mini apps ecosystem within superapps. 

Robotic Process Automation

No-code can now also work for robotics. Robotics in business have been used to optimize and standardize processes. Robotic process automation or RPA automates repetitive tasks that used to be done by employees, allowing them to focus on more creative and productive tasks. In our article, How No-Code Can Advance Robotics, we discussed that RPAs were initially focused on basic back-office activities. However, with collaborative robots or cobots, RPAs have expanded their role. No-code development has professionals create RPAs that can train and reprogram cobots even without extensive programming knowledge.

Recession Preparation

With an upcoming recession, IT must work to mitigate the financial risk to the IT budget. This risk reduces growth opportunities and offer protection from regulatory burdens. No-code can also be useful toprofessional and not limited tonon-technical people. Hybrid technology can help IT departments ramp up their output making their goals more attainable.

On top of that, utilizing no-code for business in the face of recession is beneficial. Even if they will go into offensive or defensive mode, no-code can help achieve their objectives such as product development, market research, and customer loyalty. If you want to know how to Fortify your Business Against Recession with No-Code, read our blog post now.

No-Code as a Support Tool to the Biggest Tech Trends

No-code development is still in its infancy stage. Pioneers are still building and optimizing their platforms in great spans to accommodate a growing market. However, in this short time, no-code was able to become an ulterior choice for emerging technologies. As businesses embrace technology in the coming new year, we see potential in the growth of no-code by end of 2023 and beyond. 

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