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No Code Apps: Growing Your Business With It

August 22, 2022

There are more than 5.5M apps available for download right now. There are about 2.2M in Apple Store alone, 3.3M in Google Play, and in other app stores. There will be more coming out especially with the rise of no-code apps.

Back then, having an app can be costly and tedious. These days, you can have your idea turn into an app in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost. You can create beautiful and native apps that can suit your target market and achieve business goals.

Making your app in a no-code platform is a great way to jumpstart your new business especially when you are doing a mobile-first approach strategy. Having one for your business is smart since an average smartphone user will use about 10 apps per day and 30 apps per month. Isn’t it time that your app be one of them? 

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What are no-code apps?

No-code also known as no code development platforms (NCDPs) is a programming platform that lets programmers and non-programmers create application software through a graphical user interface instead of a traditional computer programming. 

No-code apps are easily built using this platform with the same functionality. It enables anyone to make their apps come to life whether whatever their business or niche is.  These apps can also be used for prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that can be used to test feasibility and potential of the project. 

What are advantages of no-code apps for the business?

1. Faster Development 

A no-code app agency (like us!) can create apps for you at almost 70% cheaper and faster than traditional coding. Since it won’t be as complicated as regular coding, our team can create an interface and system easily. Traditional coding will usually take weeks and months into planning and creating before it can be tested and turned over. Agencies can recommend the right process as you develop the app for you giving you more time for your business. 

Since it is a platform that lets you visualize the design and functions in an instant, it speeds up development process since there are no lines of code between you and the app. 

2. Cost-Efficient To Launch and Maintain 

Faster turn-around means more cost-efficient for your business. Since we can build it faster and more affordably, you can start using your app to do its job for your business.  This also gives you an opportunity to effectively use your resources to improve your app or other areas of the business.

Apps built on a no-code platform have reduced if not zero maintenance costs. They can work alongside new and existing systems which will allow developers to easily change or keep whatever is working. Maintenance and updates will also cost time and money eventually There is also a risk that updates may not be compatible with each other which can disrupt app functionality. 

Working on platform also means there is no need to worry about underlying infrastructure to build an app like servers, instances, containers and database. This kind of simplification lets you enjoy a lower total cost of ownership in getting an app. 

3. Switch and Improve Easily

Working on this platform allows you to make changes in applications, add features, or enhance the functions much easier than doing it with traditional coding. Getting apps in the no-code platform has a streamlined development process that can develop your app and prime it for the launch. 

On a traditional coding system, shifting gears can take weeks to rebuild and redesign. No-code is the opposite since features can be dragged, dropped and tested in a matter of days. 

In a no-code platform, data is stored in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format which allows for a smoother data loading. This allows you to build immediately and be flexible for any adjustment or redirection if needed. 

4. Easier Collaboration

Since development in no-code is easier and more visual, it can bridge the vision and function for both developers and the decisionmakers. No-code lets non-technical project members see what's being built in real time ensuring that the objectives and goals are still being met. 

This also reduces the major revisions that might go back and forth for a long time when doing traditional. This results for a more aligned team for your project and better productivity.  

5. No-code is the Future

Experts agree that no-code will only grow from here. With digitization as a core strategy for most businesses, this enables small businesses and startups to leverage technology even at limited resources.  Right now, there are growing no code platforms like Adalo which can create native mobile apps from scratch.  Aside from apps, you can also create no-code websites using Webflow that can set up blogs, e-commerce, and so much more. Both platforms produce functional websites and apps comparable to the traditionally coded ones. 

According to Forbes however, it will not totally replace traditional coding but rather give more establishments a chance to develop an app for growth. No-code simplifies the coding process to enable everyone to participate in the digital world. 

Growth with No-Code

Creating an app for your business is now easier with no-code! It allows your users to have a smoother and enjoyable experience with your brand. No-code platforms democratizes building an app without the barrier of skill building. It lets the ideas shine and have the technology support the idea and the creator. 

No-code apps are the future since it lets everyone become an app creator with just a drag and drop. Businesses and start-ups of any size can create a fully functional app with minimal skill and cost barrier. More no-code platforms are being launched and this will only grow and strengthen the community further. In a matter of time, there will be more no-code apps ready for download.  


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