No-Code Superapps

No-Code in the Rise of the Superapps

January 25, 2023

According to a statistic, an average mobile phone owner uses about 10 apps per day. This is not surprising given how tech adoption accelerated during the lockdowns. Now more people are using fintech and integrated e-commerce in their daily lives. As of the second quarter of 2022,  you can choose over 3.5 million apps available on the Google Play Store, and approximately 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. That doesn't include other platforms’ exclusive apps. In US alone, 70% of all digital media time comes from mobile apps.

With these staggering numbers, we can safely say that mobile app usage has been a staple in everyone’s daily lives. Some apps have started to evolve in providing numerous services all within one app. These apps are called superapps.

Superapps are defined as an application that provides a set of features which end users can access via the developed miniapps within its ecosystem. Usually one app can do a specific task only like ordering an item online. But with a superapp, it will also let you order food to be delivered or even send money anywhere in the world. Experts have tagged superapps as one of the biggest tech trends in 2023. If you want to know more about it, you can read it here in our blog  2023 Tech Trends To Do With No-Code

Since a superapp is a collection of mini-apps, it needs a development tool that is easy to build and can be updated quickly so it won't affect the entire app. No-code development is the perfect solution since these are its core features. As no-code becomes more sophisticated and more accessible, let see how it can contriobute to the growing superapps trend.,

State of Superapps Today

The superapp is built as a platform to deliver a mini-apps ecosystem that users can choose from to activate for consistent and personalized app experiences. It runs on a platform that provides a lot of commonly used app services, such as messaging and payment. End users can create personalized user experiences (UXs) by selecting and installing their chosen mini-apps and when to use them. This provider ecosystem also amplifies the superapp’s value by providing convenient access to a broader range of services within the app.

To see the opportunity in it, here are  most successful superapps in the global market right now 

  • Rapp (Latin America)
  • Careem (Dubai)
  • Snapp (Iran)
  • Grab  (Singapore)
  • Hugo (South America)

Why has it become successful?

The introduction of the superapps has been welcomed in the market since it acts like a one-stop shop already for similar services. Here are some of the reasons why superapps were created by developers and adopted by consumers 

Increased efficiency

End users have the convenience of accessing services in just one app. With consumers its all about keeping everything simple for them. For entrepreneurs, it lets them handle their enterprise remotely more effectively by cutting off the hassles in management. 

Improving the Business Scalability

In a superapp ecosystem., you have a choice to add more features to solve problems in relation to the core mission of the app. The solution can be easily customized according to the need and can run smoothly while performing any function.

Better Customer Service = Higher Profitability

By having complementing services under one roof, businesses can help customers at all levels. For the business, they will have a customer journey and pattern that can later help them create products to benefit the users. 

No-Code in Superapps

Within a superapp lies the mini-app ecosystem which may not be related to one another but co-exists within the same application. It is a small application that solves a problem but evolves encompassing other services. Mini programs on the other hand are the mini apps that are executed in the already established mini apps. 

No-code development is becoming more popular not only for non-technical people and startup founders but also for coding developers. Some experts even say that hybrid development where no-code, low-code and code can exist within one program to be more efficient. With the multiple features ability of a superapp, no-code is definitely to consider. 

Mini programs and mini apps need 80% of the functionality of a native application, but with only 20% of the development effort. No-code can iterate faster and can be flexible. It also gives access to new technology trends like robotics, artificial intelligence, and more. By having no-code you can get the functionality of these new trends with reduced programs in it. Aside from that, the easy iteration means that no-code apps can be updated easily without the lengthy downtime that can affect the entire app.

Some platforms are even making it easily such as Rakuten Developers. It has a no-code  Mini App Editor which lets you create mini apps even without a solid background in programming. Some businesses are also starting to offer superapp development services with mini-app development. This is just starting and it's forecasted to be bigger and more sophisticated this year as more businesses shift to this service.

However, no-code mini-apps can still face challenges such as authentication between superapp and mini app and even processing financial activities between the host super app and mini app, etc. However as no-code development continuously matures, we are bound to see more platforms creating no-code solutions for superapp development. 

No-Code and Superapps as the Future

Superapps are beneficial for businesses and consumers. The integration of complementing services can mean building customer loyalty, acquiring accurate customer information, and developing products to keep customers within the superapp. No-code development is constantly growing throughout the years as more people and businesses see its value. As superapp trend also grows, we won't be surprised to see the integration of these two tech trends. No-code continues to help build the future by being a supporting tool for these kinds of technologies..

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