Startup Founder on How to Delegate Tasks for No Code Projects

Startup Guide to Task Delegation

August 16, 2022

Task delegation is hard. Not because it’s difficult to do but because sometimes bosses, owners, or founders have a struggle. Building a business or startup usually requires tenacity and flexibility. However as a business grows, owners and founders like you need to pick their battles.

Effective leadership doesn't mean micro-managing all tasks but choosing which ones will impact the business in a more holistic way. In the very early stages of a startup, founders can be seen wearing multiple hats and being flexible in different areas. But as a startup grows and the idea is validated, failure to delegate might be dangerous. Learning to delegate is simply basic for startup founders./

Delegation might be hard for some since they want to do the job themselves. There is a failure to recognize that by doing everything, you don’t scale at all. Technology can only go far and still needs some human intervention. Some tools like no-code also need time to learn and master so you can execute what you have in mind. However, you need a level of commitment in order to be able to execute it will. 

What does delegation of tasks mean?  In management, it’s sharing or transferring responsibility for a certain task. It’s expecting someone to do the job instead of you handling it yourself.

Why is it good to learn delegation and how can a startup founder maximize no-code and still grow their business?

What’s the Big Deal with Delegating Tasks?

By delegating tasks, owners and founders have increased 40% of their time to the decisions that impact the business more. Delegating can mean either getting another employee to do the job or getting an agency with experts on the job you want. Effective delegation is a vital part of being a productive founder or manager 

These are the benefits of delegating a project or a task when you’re a startup founder

Focus on higher-level tasks and developing the business

Being a founder is about understanding customer needs and what changes to implement. As your startup develops, you need to start analyzing major decisions such as using no-code or start coding to scale. Accountability is your main responsibility since you need to be on top of decisions that can make or break the business. That is not something that you can just do on a 1 hour break from answering customer inquiries. 

Discover teams or persons who can bring something new to the table

Bringing in a new person to the project may relive you of some duties, it is also beneficial to the progress. A new set of eyes can certainly put things in perspective. 

If you want to try new technology like no-code, you can get an agency that can show their expertise and knowledge on what’s the right attack for your business. Sure you can learn no-code but the time and money you invest may have been better off spent in other areas.  

Improves efficiency, productivity, and time management

By freeing up your time, your skills and expertise can be fully utilized to make your startup run smoothly. You can go over details with your staff or the agency for the development process. In this way, you have the time to upgrade your skills, create networks that can help and brainstorm with key management. 

What to Look for When Delegating

When delegating a task make sure that you're on the same page as your employee or the agency. Here are some ways to lessen the hassle of delegation and have a better result than you even expect. 

Set clear expectations upfront with your employee/ agency

Make sure your goals and targets are well communicated throughout the process. Professional agencies will make sure there is a project brief and proper onboarding to let startup founders like you be at ease. At the same time, don't forget to have clear details on the project so that they can pick up from your expected results.  

Set regular alignment meeting

Make time for alignment meetings so that you cna track progress and see the roadblocks of the project. No need to hover at them since the reports should come in regularly. 

Open a Communication Channel

Delegation of duties and responsibilities can produce questions along the way. Make sure there is a channel where you and the employee or agency have direct contact. This way, any pressing or urgent matters can be decided early on. 

Why Get a No-Code Agency?

No-code is a new technology that’s constantly changing and updating. It’s really hard to keep up with the new platforms, updates, and other concerns. If you want an app or website for your business, learning it all might not fit your busy lifestyle. 

A no-code agency (like us!) can definitely help you figure out the odds and ends of working with no-code. What’s great is that you get to work with no-code experts who can walk you through the process, explain the possibilities and also understand the limitations. Look for a team that has a well-built system that lets you be part of the process from start to finish. 

Yes it might be more expensive than getting an in-house team but the time it frees up will surely make up for it. As long as you have a reliable and trustworthy team working with you. 

Delegation for Success

Delegating is the art of letting go and trusting that you have downloaded the information correctly for them to do something like you would have or even better. Apart from that, it is knowing what is important with what limited time you have. As you know, a true leader is someone who knows what is important. 

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