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Easy Automation with No-Code

August 16, 2022

In 1913, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to achieve the dream of making Ford affordable for every American. This assembly line reduced the time to produce a car from 12 hours to1 hour and 33 minutes.  This productivity project helped usher the age of automobile in the US and put Ford Cars at the helm of it. This shows how efficiency helps cut costs and makes the most of each employee’s time.

According to a global study, average employee spends 3 hours per day on automatable tasks which can be exposed to human error. Some even say the admin task hinders them to do their job properly and eats more time. 95% of these employees say they are open to theidea of working with a bot or software if it lessens the admin tasks. This goes to show how automated workflow is necessary if a company wishes to scale up or get to greater heights.

No-code development has now offered businesses an affordable way to optimize productivity without the high cost. No-code is not limited to apps and websites but can also do workflow solutions for mundane tasks. Know more on why no-code is can be the best option for your business HERE.

What are the Benefits of a Workflow Automation?

Investing in workflow automation has a lot of benefits that pay off in the long run. With no-code workflow automation however, upfront costs will not cost an entire arm or leg to get things done. Why have it? Here are the benefits to assess:  

1.       Increase efficiency

Employees will have more time to optimize other areas of task rather than spending time on things that can be easily automated.


2.       Focus on the bigger task

Employees can have more time on their main job description and even ideate for other improvements.  This also allows time for high-level analysis, cross-checking and verification on sensitive matters.


3.       Minimize human error on small but important tasks

One of the biggest advantages is reducing human errors and learning curve mistakes. Several factors may affect accuracy especially if there are new factors or updates are added to a daily task.


4.       Trust, transparency and control

An automated workflow can make sure that data cannot be tampered with and within the security parameters. This allows for anyone to have access and review data in an organized way.  This reduces friction in the workplace since there is trust and easily cross check if discrepancies arise.


5.       Juggle multiple tasks

The employee can do more work and can be more beneficial for the team. With multiple automations, an employee can do a chain of work seamlessly and flawlessly.


What kind of Workflow Automation can No-Code Do?

No-code an do various automations in different industries. In here we will give examples on what no-code can do but it is not limited to it and depends on what the company needs.


No-code can do customer-facingapplications such as putting in their details, concerns, and even healthcareprovider. This reduces the time the receptionist files and checks paperworkespecially for high-traffic health facilities. No-code can also create softwareto remind patients of their next visit via the registered email.


The no-code revolution can help with the skill shortage in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs.  It can help in the manufacturing execution systems (MES), programming, integrating and operating robots in the manufacturing process. It can bridge the gap between the skill barrier of the MES and the evolving needs within the factory’s manufacturing lines. With end-user demands continually increasing, no-code’s affordability, flexibility, and fast turnaround can be a solution.  


No-code development accelerate app building process for the business or enables to add low-code implementations to fine-tune business applications for specific use cases. They can launch minimum viable products (MVPs) and enhance it along the way when it becomes profitable and viable.  No-code app and website development can help save time, focus and money for IT companies.

Business Analytics

No-code software can create dashboards for analytics using data from different sources within the company. With the drag and drop capability, users can have a comprehensive report for better analysis and review for an informed decision-making.


With the increased demand for security and convenience, no-code can create customer-facing systems with that links to the internal systems such as mobile or online banking. No-code options work well with API configurations and integrations in these systems to do the services that will reduce bank traffic, enhance user experience, and improved banking activities.


No-code has the ability todevelop rapid transactional systems powering many e-commerce cases for retailers. Details of the sale can be stored efficiently for inventory and sales use.


Workflow automation is another strategy to scale up your business. It’s not enough to just increase sales channels but also improve the productivity within the company. No-code can help businesses do this without the high initial cost since it can be developed and launched faster.

Planning to use no-code for automation in your business or workplace? Estel has the expert team for you. We have a team of experienced and innovative designers and developers that can do the tech work for you. Not only that, we have certified Adalo experts to give clients optimal results. If you want to know more, send us an inquiry form HERE.
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