Integrating No-Code AI App

Integrating AI in No-Code Apps

February 15, 2023

Artificial intelligence became mainstream in 2022. It started with Jasper for copywriting, DALL-E for artwork generation, and was capped off by ChatGPT which became the ultimate AI assistant. The worldwide artificial intelligence market size reached $136.6 billion in 2022 which might explain its emergence. This is almost the same rate as the growth of another emerging technology like no-code.

A big chunk of IT companies across the globe reported they have accelerated AI adoption for the last 2 years. The rise of AI stocks as a key investing trend has been consistent in the past years.  A number of  AI companies have popped up, aimed at different segments of the market. ChatGPT is just a start and there are bound to be more incredible applications of artificial intelligence technology. Eventually, more startup ideas will be using artificial intelligence for their apps whether it uses code or no-code development.

No-code development usage has grown a lot, especially during the pandemic. It empowers people to utilize technology to either start their own apps, website and even software with visual development. Platforms have become sophisticated and now have a lot of features that make no-code development more interesting. We have discussed that there are now no-code platforms that allow developers to tap AI into their projects. 

In this blog, we will explore the AI functions you can integrate within no-code applications so you can apply them in your next project. 

Platforms to Create No-Code AI

Before we start, here are some platforms to try if you want to start a no-code AI app.  Most of them provide templates that can be customized depending on your project’s requirements. 

Amazon SageMaker

The Amazon Sagemaker was launched in 2017 as a cloud machine-learning platform that enables developers to create, train, and deploy machine-learning models. It’s easy to leap straight into using this with a wide selection of templates for the most popular types of ML apps that businesses are likely to benefit from.

Google AutoML

Google AutoML lets you tap the power of machine learning even if you have limited knowledge and minimal expertise. Although it’s not as easy as the other platforms for complete beginners, novice users can get started with an easy graphical interface and start experimenting with its computer vision and natural language processing capabilities.

Apple CreateML

Another industry giant, Apple has diversified into building CreateML. It lets you quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models into your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac apps with no-code. Apple CreateML has a  simple drag-and-drop functionality that makes it accessible for anyone to create iOS applications involving recommendation, classification, image recognition, and text processing.

Microsoft Lobe

This is a free, easy-to-use Microsoft desktop application that lets its users build, customize, and manage machine learning models.  You can train it on your own computer for privacy without the need to upload it to the cloud. You can even export and ship it in either Windows or Mac as well. No need for a coding experience to get started with it. Since this is the basic program, if you eventually outgrow it, Microsoft also offers Azure AI, Microsoft’s more advanced ML framework.

How to Apply AI in No-Code Apps

Now that you have your platforms, here is a short list of what AI functions can you add to your apps to bring value to the market. 

Neural Networks

AI boasts machine learning as its key feature. Machine learning can carry out functions by using neural networks. These neural networks help apps and programs carry out these functions such as facial recognition, image detection, and even automatic recognition and mail sorting. 

Learns The Behavior Patterns Of Users

AI is also a wonderful learning tool for marketers who want to paint a better picture of who their customers are. Whatever industry you are in, it’s always important to analyze performance, gain insights into customer behavior, and improve service delivery. You can gain data through intelligent algorithms during their customer journey. You can review your customer’s usage data, analyze historical performance,  and form predictions and forecasts that can help your business plan better.


By installing AI chatbots, you can improve customer service tenfold. As discussed in our blog, How to Improve Customer Experience with No-Code, no-code can improve the product acquisition phase and even customer relationships. Putting in chatbots is a great way to engage customers and attend to their needs even if you can't be there always to answer them. 

Image Recognition

If your application is using visuals as a feature, image recognition and artificial intelligence can work together to make it happen. It can be used in many applications like defect detection, medical imaging, and security surveillance. With AI, it can rifle through a wide range of images in a short amount of time.

Quick Interaction And Competitive Business Solutions

By applying AI to your business, your business becomes faster and more specific when dealing with customers. Businesses are already transforming the methods of engaging their users today. Along with  AI’s personalized information, companies, developers, and customers can feel a personalized service that allows them to engage more with the brand.

No-Code in Building More AI Apps

As we see more use of AI in our daily lives, there will be more ideas to generate. The good thing about no-code is it lets anyone tap into new technology easily. This will foster innovation, healthy competition, and creativity which can improve our way of life. By doing this, not only can big corporations develop groundbreaking apps but also citizen developers. AI is bound to be bigger and seen to triple its sales by 2030. Until then, the only way to reach that is if everyone will continue to grow and innovate and that’s what no-code development allows us to do. 

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