No-Code as a New Year Resolutions Tool

No-Code as A New Year Resolutions Tool

January 4, 2023

A new year marks new beginnings and new year resolutions. In 2023, new year resolutions are being listed on every platform with the commitment to change bad habits or even forge a new path in their lives.  The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year's resolutions, some 4,000 years ago since they were recorded to celebrate the New Year.  It is said that made promises to the gods in hopes they'd earn good favor in the coming year. New Year has now celebrated every January thanks to  Roman emperor Julius Caesar who the first day of the year to the 1st of January in honor of Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. 

Since then resolutions have been a regular tradition that came even in modern times. Making them is as famous as breaking them in just a few short weeks. Even if everyone is going through difficult phases in their life, there are some common new year’s resolutions that came out from studies. 

As technology interweaves with social changes, it has become a tool to aid the community as it searches for self-realization. Even new technology such as no-code development has become common and many people have used it for business and even personal use. No-code development grew during the pandemic and it showed no signs of stopping. It allows an individual to be a citizen developer in a matter of weeks and be able to create websites and apps in days. We even published a quick read on how no-code can be utilized in the top tech trends of 2023

We are listing down the top new year’s resolutions according to Statista and discussing how no-code can be a part of their self-improvement journey. We will see the versatility of no-code as it adapts to every goal of the user. 

The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions 

Research giant, Statista, has compiled a list of the most common new year’s resolutions in 2022. Even if a small percentage does get to achieving them by the end of the year, doing new year’s resolutions is kind of a symbolic way for someone in a community to be better. As technology plays a bigger role every year in our lives, we see how it becomes a tool for self-improvement. Here are some common resolutions and how no-code development can help bring a change in the new year.

Personal Improvement 

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Self-actualization is at the very top of the highest motivation of ma. Self-actualization is described as a concept regarding the process by which an individual reaches their full potential. The search for continuous improvement is also one of the leading reasons why some employees leave their comfort zones to grow.

If you are searching for this, we recommend no-code development as the next best thing. IKt is the future of technology, it can be learned faster than doing traditional coding and can challenge you on some days. There are a lot of options to learn no-code through various boot camps and even on-demand video lessons. Even if you are a citizen developer or a startup founder, HERE  are some tips on what to look for in no-code training. 

Career Goals

The IT skill shortage is still ongoing. As we discussed in our other blog, No-Code as a Solution to the Skills Gap, employers agree that the skills gap has widened since 2021. This is a negative insight since businesses are so ready to invest in digitization and automation coming from a pandemic. With the IT skill shortage and the advancement of pioneer platforms, we see no-code as an indispensable tool that will drive growth and digitization to businesses. Programming is only done by at least % in the world but we can see how technology is driving our everyday lives. By combining your root knowledge and no-code you might be able to create a tool to help improve your business or job.

If you are looking to get out of the rat race and shift to a more relaxed freelancing, no-code can be a tool to achieve that. After all, the global freelance market is estimated at $1.5 trillion and increasing at a CAGR of 15%. In relation to the IT skills shortage, many businesses are considering keeping a pool of freelancers that they can easily work with them. The opportunity is growing so the market is not too competitive yet. In terms of investment, as long as you have a fast laptop and a fast internet connection, you can start your shift into no-code freelancing.

Setting up Your Own Business

Many people are planning to get out of the rat race. Back then, setting up a business entails devoting a lot of time to set it up, scouting locations and so many more. That’s just building it without any promise of steady clients yet. It can consume a lot of time and money and investments can be really expensive.

As no-code development became popular, there is also an increase in no-code entrepreneurs who created SaaS businesses or even utilized no-code to refine their business processes. Utilizing no-code to create apps or create custom applications for internal use can benefit your business. 

Some even started no-code agencies which can be done on the side while you have a full-time job. There has been an increase in 2022 for no-code agencies which made more businesses access no-code efficiently. These agencies can also help business owners focus on higher-level tasks while leaving app or website development to competent experts.

No-Code Technology in Improving Lives

In our article, No-Code as a Tool for Social Change, social change also happens when a society experiences a drastic change such as modernization caused by technological advancement. Technology like no-code has numerous advantages but it can also be utilized to achieve self-actualization. As the New Year comes, it’s time to reflect on how to make technology beneficial for our personal lives. These tools have been given to be leverage in living our full potential or our happiest self. New years resolutions are an age-old tradition that still holds until now since it signifies new beginnings. Thanks to no-code technology there are now more options for achieving this. 

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