No-Code Estel Studio 2022 Learning as a No-Code Agency

Our No-Code Agency's 2022 Lessons

January 13, 2023

No-code is on a high this year. The average estimation for the combined no-code and the low-code market is set to end 2022 at a value of  $18.32 Billion. According to Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies by 2025. It even announced that the global low-code and no-code industry is set to grow by 20% in 2023 which is big considering the recession. 

This only means that no-code is expected to grow bigger in the coming years. We are even seeing it today that no-code can be used in new technologies for 2023 like artificial intelligence or AI, robotics, Web3 and even metaverse. Interest in no-code has also increased over time showing spikes, especially during the pandemic. 

No-code agencies have also sprung up in different parts of the world offering low-cost but effective solutions to businesses. In Bubble platform, the number of agencies has almost doubled compared to previous years This increase is due to the fact that big and small businesses have tried to adopt no-code into their operations. Businesses are also gearing up for hyperautomation and are planning to use code to speed up the development cycle. If you want to know more about hyperautomation, read more about it in  How to Apply Hyperautomation with No-Code

During the pandemic, Estel Studio started the business. As a startup born during the tumultuous phase in our history, we are proud to have grown and developed in over 2 years. As the eventful 2022 comes to a close we decided to share what our year has become and what we learned from the last 350 days. 

How Did We Do in 2022?

Estel Studio’s team started with just a few people and started to scale as 2022 entered.. Here are just some of the things we were able to accomplish this year.

100% Increase in  Client Projects

For a startup that is made up of a small remote team, we are proud of our client projects. Our launches is a 100% growth from last year and we are very proud of the work that we are able to do. We are also humbled since we have clients who have shown us appreciation by leaving warm feedback such as these :

Bubble Showcase Prototypes

Apart from the client projects, we also had in-house projects to make sure prospective clients can see our capacity and also provide tools to help those starting out with no-code. There are only 2 of them for now, MoodBox our self-care app, and Eduhub, a learning management system. You can read more about them on THIS page.

Improve and Upgrade our Website Including our Build in Public page

No-code is about continuous iteration and updating as we learn more about our customers. This is what we did to our Webflow website and we added new pages to make sure our clients and prospects know more about us. We also renovated our build-in-public page since we believe in transparency.

Increase Web Traffic Through Organic Content

One of our aims was to show that our clients are working with experts. That’s why we continually churn out content that is relatable and informative to our market. We are happy that pour constant efforts gained results since we have been topping Google Search for targeted keywords

What did we Learn As We Finished Our Projects? 

Despite having successful launches and submitted projects, we admit that we encountered challenges and made mistakes. Lessons can come as advice but also as a mistake. If you are a startup like us, here are some learnings we had for the year.

Practice overcommunication

As a remote no-code agency, there isn’t enough culture to bind everyone so we can work smoothly. Project management is difficult already but add a layer of remote work and it’s already a challenge. We eventually learned the art of over-communication, making sure all channels of communication are open even if you don’t have the same time. Overcommunication helps avoid details that otherwise could have been missed. One way to do this was to make sure all channels of communication are open, have regular updates, and were committed to timelines.

Continuous learning 

No-code is a new industry and there’s still a lot of development going around. Our team of no-code experts makes sure that we are continuously learning the updates and how it can be utilized for a client. We also opened our doors to new platforms to give our clients a wider range of options.  Right now, we are also adding another expert classification and a bootcamp in the works. That is why we also check the 2023 Tech Trends To Do With No-Code and see what more can we offer our clients.

Process improvement

As we continuously learn, we also make it a point to regularly review our processes and even challenge them. Analyze if the processes ensure the quality that we want the client to receive. An assessment from those involved helps us to understand the challenges and prevent them from appearing in future projects.

Team assessments

Even when the team was very lean, our founder made sure we had a quarterly corporate assessment. These meetups make sure we understand the performance of our no-code agency and guide us on how to improve it on regular metrics. As a team, this gives everyone a sense of how the business runs and how is it for other departments. Through these meetings, we are able to make everyone contribute in whatever field they may be and also give a perspective on the issues that matter.

Culture Building 

As with other startups and small businesses, culture building can be a challenge. As a remote no-code agency, we also found it hard to embed the culture that we wanted to cultivate. We strived to create casual Zoom meetups, set in-person activities for those in the same area, and also understand each individual’s personality. We also found that a person who has embedded the cute is more likely to stay than those who weren’t engaged with the team.

Estel Studio in 2023 and Beyond

We are a very young no-code agency. Just like no-code we are still growing but you can see the progress we made and the potential on the horizon. Through analysis and consistent efforts, we are able to improve our processes to ensure client satisfaction. 2022 was good for Estel Studio and we thank God for this. We are also thankful to clients who returned and even referred us to their peers. 

In 2023, we plan to grow further by making sure our team is primed for new no-code tools and also new technology to rock the year. One thing is for sure, we will continue to grow and refine our ways just like no-code will next year.

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