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The Future of Work with No-Code

August 16, 2022

Employment has been part of modern man’s roadmap. Right now, millennials make up most of the US workforce compromising of 56M. In 2025, millennial workers will compromise 75% of the workforce. With the launch of new technology, we are seeing a major shift in how we work.

Artificial intelligence, automation, and no-code development are just some of the tech that’s slowly being implemented in workplaces. Adoption became faster during the pandemic when businesses need to digitize their processes and adjust to people going online. According to Forbes, 97% of global companies have accelerated the adoption of technology to get through the pandemic. Now that the virus is slowly becoming part of regular life, we see companies retaining the technology from the pandemic. 

No-code development is growing and the pioneer platforms are developing as well. It’s benefits go beyond starting businesses or MVPs but also in the workplace. How is no-code changing the workplace? What processes and functions can they improve and even what change can they make in a larger scale? 

No-Code and the Workplace Process

No-code is all about empowerment to create apps, websites and even automation software without deep knowledge of coding. This development lets them solve business problems in a digital environment. No-code tools allow the process experts – to fix workflow and data hurdles instead of relying on internal IT departments or external developers to overcome them. According to Formstack's recent survey, “The Rise of the No-Code Economy”, 20% of workers have adopted no-code tools, which increased to 66% within the past year and 41% in the past six months.

As we see the acceptance of no-code in the workplace, here are some ways that no-code can be used in the modern workplace. 

No-code can be used to automate processes

We discussed the benefits of automation in a previous article, Easy Automation with No-Code. Employees are now seeing that automation is not about losing their jobs but making them work on high-level matters that can improve the business. This makes them more independent and also lets the company maximize their manpower

No-code can contribute to the hyperautomation of a company

Large companies are hyperautomating right now as we discussed in How to Apply Hyperautomation with No-Code, Hyperautomation is about a company’s synergy to technology and no-code can aid a segment, especially those with limited IT staff.

No-code can help improve employee engagement 

No-code lets anyone have the power to build apps, websites and automation processes. By letting knowledgeable workers create no-code programs to improve their work, it fosters employee engagement that actually adds value to the organization. Quioxy states different ways that employee satisfaction and engagement can be improved with no-code

No-code can optimize the IT department

There is a skill gap in the IT industry that started out in early 2019 and has since then grown already. This is bad news since companies of all sizes are trying to ramp their digitization efforts. By applying no-code to solve common problems, they can reduce backlog and work on high-level issues.

No-code can help create a customized Management System

A customized management system can perform tasks that can simplify or aggregate data in a department or business. In marketing, it can be a content management system for posting digitally or even in logistics. Custom software can create a tailor-fit solution to a business’ problems.

 No-Code can develop cloud activities 

Businesses have seen the benefits of remote working for their employees. The Great Resignation showed how this can be valuable to employees. No-code can help the IT team maintain, update and secure cloud servers to provide better business continuity.

No-Code for Gen Z workforce

Aside from these new technologies, we are also seeing a different perspective in working with Gen Z right now. As we discussed in our article, What Will No-Code mean for Gen Z?, the generational difference is now being seen as they enter the workforce. As you will read in our article, there is a shift in mindset being born into technology. In some countries, coding is already taught as one of the subjects and we believe it’s only a matter of time until they learn no-code in schools. 

According to an article by, no-code helps Gen z workers engaged, Since they believe in work and career that is meaningful and flexible, no-code opens opportunities for them to create and contribute. 

On another note, since the growing creator economy, we are likely to see less of Gen Z doing 9-5 jobs. A growing number of US students have cited “content creator” as a career and with platforms evolving their live streaming and connectivity features, we might see a brand new work model. No-code can also be useful in providing an easy and affordable way for content creators to grow their brand and improve processes. If you want to know more about Gen Z and what no-code will mean to them, you can read our blog HERE.

No-Code as Workplace Tool

No-code development isn’t limited to a hobby or a business idea but also preparing the workplace for a shift. The pandemic challenged the norm and we see no-code showing how to improve how we do business. No-code is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your business and make your business competitive whatever size it is. Right now, the question is what no-code upgrade should you start with and why. 

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